Embolx rolls out Sniper balloon occlusion microcatheter to European market


Embolx has announced the launch of its balloon occlusion microcatheter, Sniper, to the European market. Sniper is a delivery system for pressure-directed arterial embolisation therapy and is designed to increase embolic loading and improve tumour response.

The device alters blood flow-dynamics by controlling pressure to increase therapeutic agent delivery into target areas for the treatment of tumors, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and uterine fibroids. Embolx say that the therapy allows interventional radiologist physicians to deliver drugs and embolic agents to targeted treatment areas while protecting surrounding healthy tissues.

Embolx’s second generation Sniper microcatheter is available in Europe in two tip options–straight tip and K-tip and two lengths 130cm and 150cm–enabling interventional radiologist physicians to access both femoral and radial sites and to navigate torturous arterial anatomy.

Michael Allen, president and CEO of Embolx, said: “I am pleased to offer our technology to the European market, which brings with it the experience of over 5,000 cases completed here in the US

“Now, interventional radiologists can do everything they would do with standard microcatheters, but with the added benefits of balloon occlusion. This is a big step forward and provides physicians with the most advanced transarterial delivery system for tumor and prostate treatment.”


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