EIBIR and ESR announce changes to leadership


The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) has today announced the appointment of Regina Beets-Tan as its new scientific director. Beets-Tan, EIBIR states, will contribute to further enhancing the organisation support of European biomedical imaging research and networking activities between institutes and disciplines.

Beets-Tan chairs the department of Radiology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and is professor of Radiology at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands and adjunct professor of Abdominal and Oncological Radiology at the University of Southern Denmark.

Beets-Tan also is the former Chair of the Board of Directors of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), which has today announced the commencement of the new ESR board of directors and executive council.

Adrian Brady from Ireland assumes the prestigious position of chairperson of the ESR Board of Directors, the highest governing role within the society. Carlo Catalano from Italy takes on the esteemed position of ESR president and will also chair the ECR 2024 Programme Planning Committee. The ESR extends a warm welcome to Minerva Becker, who joins the ESR board of directors following her successful election in June.

The ESR has extended its sincere appreciation to Beets-Tan for her outstanding leadership as chairperson of the society during the past year and eagerly anticipates her valuable support as ESR past-president in the coming year.

On her new appointment, Beets-Tan pointed out that “multidisciplinary research in biomedical imaging is not merely a pursuit of knowledge but a catalyst for change. It is through collaboration and bridging the gaps between disciplines that we can unlock the potential of biomedical research to move forward the field of precision medicine.” She further stated that “it is with great honour that I assume the responsibility of leading this esteemed organisation. I am grateful for the opportunity to build further upon the outstanding work of my predecessor Gabriel Krestin and guide EIBIR towards new horizons”.

At the same time, the EIBIR community and the team at EIBIR acknowledge and celebrate outgoing scientific director Gabriel Krestin, who, the organisation states, has made remarkable advancements, positioning it as a leading entity in supporting scientists and securing funding for their projects, and substantially contributing to the advancement of biomedical imaging in Europe.

Under Professor Krestin’s guidance, EIBIR has helped researchers secure more than €171 million for research as part of 34 projects, and EIBIR-supported projects have resulted in more than 725 peer-reviewed publications so far.


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