Early experience shows Caterpillar™ embolization device can be accurately deployed and can lead to rapid occlusion


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Ripal Gandhi (Miami, USA) outlines his initial experiences with the Caterpillar™ Arterial Embolization Device (BD), a product, which he says is easy to utilize, shows good trackability in tortuous vessels and allows for “very accurate placement”.

Gandhi describes the novel device, which consists of both distal and proximal nitinol fiber segments that are designed to promote thrombus formation and limit migration.* There are three versions of the device currently available, which treat varying vessel sizes (1.5-4mm, 3-6mm and 5-7mm), he says.

Gandhi presents a case in which a 46-year-old male with colorectal cancer with metastatic disease to the lung and liver was scheduled for treatment with systemic chemotherapy and concomitant radioembolization. The patient’s right gastric artery measured 3mm in diameter so the decision was made to use the Caterpillar™ Micro Arterial Embolization Device which “tracked quite smoothly along the curvature of this vessel to the desired embolization site”. The subsequent angiogram showed “immediate occlusion” of the right gastric artery.

Concluding, Gandhi states that the device tracked “very nicely through this tortuous anatomy” and notes that the three radio-opaque markers “allow for good visualisation of the device under fluoroscopy.”

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Indication For Use: The Caterpillar™ and Caterpillar™ Micro Arterial Embolization Devices are indicated for arterial embolization in the peripheral vasculature. The devices are contraindicated for use in vessels subject to cyclic bending, such as locomotive joints or muscle beds.

*Pre-clinical data and bench testing may not be indicative of clinical performance. Different test methods may yield different results. Data on file, Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

For safety information, click here http://www.bardpv.com/eifu/uploads/BAW1444700R1-Caterpillar-IFU.pdf


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