DSM and PendraCare develop Primum guiding catheters


DSM announced a successful collaboration with vascular catheter developer and manufacturer PendraCare resulting in the launch of the Primum guiding catheters.

PendraCare uses ComfortCoat hydrophilic coating, a proprietary DSM technology, in its line of Primum guiding catheters. The hydrophilic coating aids in smooth catheter introduction and positioning by lowering friction in tortuous and calcified anatomy and reducing the risk of vessel wall trauma, while significantly extending this guiding catheter’s effectiveness over prolonged procedure times.

PendraCare’s Primum guiding catheter takes advantage of the ultra low friction hydrophilic coating to ensure more accurate tip positioning. The no slip-stick effect results in more accurate positioning in ostial lesions and reduced catheter friction results in real 1:1 torque control of the tip. The properties and unmatched characteristics that DSM’s proprietary ComfortCoat coating provide include excellent lubricity, superior durability and adhesion as well as proven biocompatibility thereby making it an excellent material choice for catheters and guidewires in vascular, neurological, urinary and other applications.

“In today’s advanced medical environment, the guiding catheter has increasingly become the limiting factor in the expansion of interventional procedures,” said Tjeerd Homsma, CEO PendraCare. “Sophisticated medical instruments require larger lumens and expanded device compatibility to treat ever more challenging cases like in chronic total occlusions, and with DSM’s ComfortCoat coating technology, our Primum line will meet the needs of today’s interventional medical professionals.”

“Our partnership with PendraCare will help to advance the development of groundbreaking devices through their catheter product portfolio,” said John Marugg, business manager, Coatings, DSM Biomedical. “DSM’s ability to continue providing novel coating materials in a variety of markets and applications further validates our commitment to working with medical device manufacturers who aim to improve clinical outcomes for patients.”