Covidien announces European launch of Pipeline Flex embolisation device


Covidien announced the European launch of its Pipeline Flex embolisation device at the annual Live Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery Course (LINNC, 23–25 June, Paris, France). This next-generation flow diversion device received CE mark earlier this year.

Designed to divert blood flow away from an aneurysm, the Pipeline Flex device features a braided cylindrical mesh tube that is implanted across the base or neck of the aneurysm. The device cuts off blood flow to the aneurysm, reconstructing the diseased section of the parent vessel. The device is repositionable and designed for even more accuracy and controlled placement. Among other features, it includes an instant braid release system that makes it even easier to place, a press release from the company states.

“The Pipeline Flex embolisation device is the next advancement in flow diversion, combining our clinically-proven braid design with a new delivery system designed to offer even more accuracy and control when performing these advanced procedures inside the brain,” said Brett Wall, president, Neurovascular, Covidien.

In Europe, the Pipeline Flex device is intended for the endovascular embolisation of cerebral aneurysms. The first-generation Pipeline embolisation device has been used to treat patients in Europe since 2009. It has been the only flow diversion device commercially available in the USA since it was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in April 2011. The Pipeline Flex device is not currently approved for use in the USA.