Cook Medical launches new biopsy needle products at SIR


Daniel J Sirota, vice president and global leader of Cook Medical’s Interventional Radiology and Critical Care divisions told Interventional News that the Osteo-Site Ratchet had a unique feature‰Û¥the sound of the procedure had been engineered out.

  • Osteo-Site Ratchet: The Osteo-Site Ratchet, a bone biopsy and infusion needle set, is one of the newest entrants in Cook Medical’s full line of ultrasharp Osteo-Site needles. The ratchet-style 360-degree unidirectional drilling action and spade tip design allows manual drilling into hard bone without loss of pressure or control.
  • Osteo-Site Coaxial Bone Biopsy Needle Set: The Osteo-Site Coaxial Bone Biopsy Needle Set features a 14 and 16 gage biopsy cannula, which includes a trephine tip to allow coaxial biopsy. The needle set is compatible with any standard Osteo-Site outer cannula size (11 or 13 gauge).

“As a company, Cook remains committed to innovating devices that streamline procedures for interventional radiologists,” Sirota said. “We are pleased to introduce these products at SIR to help the interventional radiology community expand treatment options and improve patients’ lives every day.”

Sirota noted that in many cases, the sound of the procedure being performed, whether it was a “bang” or “pop” could cause anxiety to patients due to distressing auditory cues. “This is true, even though patients do not feel any pain due to the anaesthesia. Still, the ‘sound’ of the procedure can trigger off a feeling of discomfort.”

Sirota told Interventional News, “Several years ago, a friend of mine underwent a bone biopsy and told me ‘Every time I heard that bang, I felt the tissue being torn from me.’” This past insight from a patient has been applied to engineering out the sound from the new bone biopsy ratchet, which is noiseless when the procedure is being performed.