Coding Strategies offers new radiology and oncology HCPCS resource guides


On 1 March 2013, Coding Strategies, who produce consulting and education for physician and outpatient medical coding, compliance and ICD-10-CM for specialty-specific content, launched this week two new resources dedicated to radiology and oncology HCPCS codes—the HCPCS Radiology Resource and the HCPCS Oncology Resource. According to the company, these easy-to-use reference tools are designed to provide quick access to the HCPCS codes for radiology or infusion centre practices and departments. 

The HCPCS Radiology Resourceis a 10 page tool geared for radiology practices, hospital radiology departments, hospital chargemaster staff and independent diagnostic testing facilities. The reference covers key topics such as HCPCS codes for imaging exams like digital mammograms, vessel mapping, and non-covered PET scans to “C” codes for hospital MRI exams. As a bonus feature, the HCPCS Radiology Resourceincludes billing guidelines for contrast agents, radiopharmaceuticals, and drugs, in addition to guidelines for wasted (discarded) drugs.

The HCPCS Oncology Resourceis a 12 page tool geared for Infusion centers (hospital based and freestanding), and physician offices performing drug infusion. The reference covers key topics such as HCPCS codes from chemotherapy agents, therapeutic drugs and intravenous fluids with corresponding billable units to HCPCS Level II codes for pharmacy supply, complete blood counts and ambulatory infusion pumps. Also included are unique supply codes required by Blue Cross Blue Shield and other non-Medicare payers, plus a billing overview and unlisted drug codes.