Clinical capabilities of Infinix-i 4D CT showcased at ECR 2018

Infinix 4D CT

Healthcare centres around Europe are realising a new realm of clinical efficiency with the Infinix-i 4D CT system, which seamlessly integrates interventional radiology and CT. Canon Medical has announced showcasing system at this year’s ECR annual meeting.

The system’s unique merging of the Infinix-i angiography system with the customer’s choice of either the Aquilion One Vision Edition CT or the Aquilion Prime CT, allows clinicians to efficiently plan, treat and verify in a single clinical setting. The following healthcare providers are already using the Infinix-i 4D CT system to help clinicians improve visualisation and workflow:

Hôpital Saint Louis, Paris, France uses the Infinix-i 4D CT for a variety of interventional radiology and oncology procedures. “An amazing system combining CT with an interventional lab, opening new worlds for interventional oncology,” according to Eric de Kerviler.

University Hospital of Montpellier, France, uses the system to perform all kinds of interventional liver related procedures. This unit is dedicated to liver oncology treatment, such as embolization in combination with chemotherapy or radioactive beads destroying tumours with ice or high temperature. “Having the best of all imaging modalities gathered in the same interventional suite is the dream of any interventional radiologists,” said Boris Guiu, leader of the team in Montpellier.

University Hospital Strasbourg, France, uses the system for interventional radiology and oncology, as well as during liver ablations and orthopaedic procedures. “High quality true CT scanning during a complex intervention is key for us,” said Afshin Gangi.

Additional facilities will be installing the Infinix-i 4D CT system this year. The system’s integration of interventional radiology and CT technology into one solution can help clinicians improve visualisation and productivity, while prioritising patient safety.

“Interventional procedures are becoming more and more complex, which could result potentially in an increase in fluoroscopic time. This means that the interventional landscape is looking for new technologies and innovations to help physicians reduce radiation, increase image quality and improve their workflow. During the last two years, we observed a new, double market trend in the interventional landscape. The cone beam CT (CBCT) market segment remains the largest market segment; however, based on new clinical challenges, especially in interventional oncology, trauma, stroke and complex procedures in general, there was a spectacular increase in demand for angio CT concept. Canon is investing a lot in R&D and developing both segments at an extremely high level in parallel. This strategic approach combined with unique and very advanced dose reduction features makes us the preferred partner for many high-profile sites” said René Degros, European sales director, at Canon Medical Systems Europe. Additionally, the system offers a suite of dose management features, like Canon Medical’s AIDR 3D for simplified CT dose reduction and the Dose Tracking System, which is designed to help clinicians minimise X-ray exposure in real time.


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