CIRSE 2020 to take place online


meetingThe Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) Annual Scientific Meeting will be taking place online 12–15 September. Read the full press release from the society below.

“It has been several months since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and although infection numbers in some countries have declined, others are currently in the middle of experiencing the devastating effects of the virus. The situation remains uncertain and as governments struggle to find ways to prevent a second wave of infections, we all have to accept the new situation. Governments have imposed travel bans and strict limits on in-person meetings, which often means that we—at least for the time being—have to change the way we interact with others.

“It is for these reasons that the CIRSE Executive Committee has decided to hold CIRSE 2020 as an online event from September 12–15 instead of the physical meeting originally planned to take place in Munich. By offering a virtual event, CIRSE will provide a safe and reliable platform for knowledge exchange to IRs [interventional radiologists] around the world, regardless of the situation in their country or their ability to travel.

“We look forward to offering the usual high-quality sessions featuring the field’s top experts and the latest research further enhancing the evidence-base of our specialty. We would particularly like to thank our many faculty members for their patience and their unwavering commitment, as well as our corporate partners, who have been very supportive during the pandemic and will of course also form an important part of the CIRSE 2020 Summit.

“We invite all interested parties to access the CIRSE website, sign up for the CIRSE e-newsletters and join the CIRSE social media channels to stay up-to-date as we continue to plan an outstanding CIRSE 2020 Summit.

“We look forward to a lively knowledge exchange at the CIRSE 2020 Summit and to talking to you via its interactive platforms!”


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