CE mark granted to the first biodegradable drug-eluting microspheres, BioPearl


BioPearlTerumo Europe today announced that their BioPearl microspheres have received CE mark, providing a new option for patients eligible for locoregional embolization for the treatment of liver cancer. BioPearl microspheres are designed to preserve post-transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) target artery access, opening up the potential for cyclic treatment.

Currently, drug-eluting microsphere TACE (DEM-TACE) and conventional TACE are both used worldwide. According to Terumo, BioPearl microspheres have been designed based upon clinicians’ desire to have controlled drug elution while keeping future treatment options open. BioPearl microspheres could change treatment algorithms and may offer more choices for patients.

“Interventional oncology is not a standalone speciality, and by working with medical oncologists, we will be able to optimise current and future treatments, namely by delivering drugs directly into the tumour. Through such collaboration, we may be able to reduce the dosage and improve the toxicity profile of anticancer drugs, and ultimately improve the field,” says Thierry De Baere (Institute Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France). “BioPearl drug-eluting microspheres and its degradation profile is a significant next step toward enhancing localised drug delivery and hopefully improving patient outcomes”.


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