Azurion image guided therapy platform “takes integration to the next level”


Atul Gupta (Philadelphia, USA), chief medical officer of Image Guided Therapy at Philips, comments on the SmartCT clinical application software–part of the Azurion image guided therapy platform–which, he notes, makes 3D and CT imaging “really simple”.

Gupta outlines which clinical areas would benefit most from the platform and states that he is “excited” by its use in interventional oncology. Setting up 3D acquisition can be challenging, particularly with new staff or out of hours, notes Gupta, who adds that the built-in SmartCT application simplifies the process “tremendously”.

As well as benefit to interventional oncology, the platform offers physicians full table side control of the 3D images and high-level measuring tools which can offer benefits for procedures like prostate artery embolization, fibroid embolization and stroke.

This video was filmed by Philips and is being sponsored for distribution in association with Interventional News.


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