ArtVentive announces expanded commercial use of EOS endoluminal occlusion system


The company has announced that commercial cases were performed at The University Hospital, Leuven, Belgium, where Geert Maleux successfully treated two patients with the EOS device. 

Maleux, professor in the Department of Radiology said: “The EOS device enhances our ability to treat challenging embolization cases. It offers immediate and total occlusion, and the operator can have confidence that the target vessel is occluded. In addition to this desirable clinical outcome, the EOS technology allows for shorter procedure times and reduced radiation exposure for both the physician and patient.”

“We are excited about the success of the EOS device and the momentum in usage as we expand our distribution across the European markets,” said Jim Graham, ArtVentive’s CEO.


Artventive also reported that two male patients were treated for varicocoeles with the EOS device at The Regional Hospital of Lugano, Switzerland. Josua Van den Berg, head of service of Interventional Radiology, was the attending physician for the procedures.

Leon Rudakov, president of ArtVentive, added, “We expect to commence additional commercial and study cases in the Netherlands and Germany in the fourth quarter, which will focus on the performance of the EOS platform in venous, as well as arterial settings during the OCCLUDE II studies. We will continue to share this important clinical data from the podium through publications and in training settings.”