Arjo announces new single-use intraoperative Doppler system


Arjo has announced the development of a new intraoperative Doppler system that includes a single-use, sterile intraoperative probe and Dopplex DMX Vascular Doppler.

This latest system provides immediate evidence of a successful vascular reconstructive procedure by capturing the bloodflow waveforms with the surgical probe and displaying it on the high-resolution colour display of the DMX Doppler, say Arjo, adding that the Doppler results can then be stored on the micro SD card for later review or transfer to a computer.

The company add that bloodflow sound is also improved with the Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system that eliminates background noise when moving the probe. The probe is single-use and provided sterile to reduce the risk of infection during surgery. By providing quality assurance of blood flow intraoperatively, time and costs of a potential re-operation can be avoided and ischemic time can be significantly reduced. The Dopplex single-use intraoperative probe and DMX Doppler can assist in the performance of safe surgery, it claims.

Simon Larsen, managing director of Arjo, said: “Quality control is vitally important in performing surgery, if secondary intervention and re-operation are to be avoided. Our Dopplex Single Use Intraoperative system enables surgeons to perform an Intraoperative Doppler ultrasound assessment with sound and waveform display and allows for storage in the Electronic Medical Records for documentation. The system brings high level quality assurance to patients and healthcare providers.”


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