AngioDynamics highlighted new offerings at CIRSE 2013


AngioDynamics featured its key innovative products and technologies, including the Angiovac cannula and circuit, Bioflo peripherally inserted central catheters, the Nanoknife system, Nevertouch direct fibre and the Acculis microwave system at CIRSE 2013 (14–18 September, Barcelona, Spain).

The Angiovac cannula and cardiopulmonary bypass circuit have FDA clearances and are currently pending CE-mark approval for Europe. The Angiovac cannula is designed with a balloon-actuated, expandable funnel shaped distal tip. The proprietary funnel shaped tip enhances venous drainage flow when the balloon is inflated, prevents clogging of the cannula with commonly encountered undesirable intravascular material, and facilitates en bloc removal of the material.

The Bioflo peripherally inserted central catheters is the only central catheter manufactured with Endexo technology, a permanent and non-eluting integral polymer. Bioflo catheters have clearance in the USA, Europe, Canada and other international markets. In vitro blood loop model tests show Bioflo peripherally inserted central catheters have 87% less surface accumulation of thrombus on average compared to commonly used peripherally inserted central catheters based on platelet count. In addition, side-by-side in vivo test results show substantially equivalent thromboresistant characteristics as a heparin coated vascular access catheter. Available with PASV Valve Technology, it is the first catheter with these properties and a patented valve designed to automatically resist backflow and reduce blood reflux on the inside of the catheter.