Adept Medical launches the overhead arm support

Overhead arm support (Adept Medical)

The New Zealand-based Adept Medical has launched an overhead arm support designed to support the patient’s arms intraoperatively. The overhead arm support eliminates shoulder flexion, allows abdominal access, and removes artefacts when imaging with C-arm or CT machines, according to a press release.

The winged design of the device can support one or both arms, and according to Adept Medical will accommodate a wide range of patient sizes. In a press release, the company state that the overhead arm support facilitates improved patient comfort, procedural outcome, and repeatability.

“A more comfortable and secure supporting device would mean the clinicians could set the patient up once and leave them there for the duration of the procedure. We also discovered that this position is common for diagnostic and interventional procedures using conventional CT scanners. Clinicians described to us various methods of trying to support the arms in this way, using pillows [or] towels, but none that provided a quick, easy and comfortable solution” says Mike Oxborough, Adept Medical senior product designer.

Designed for use with existing laboratory and imaging equipment, the overhead arm support wings have been engineered to fit inside the bore of standard CT machines and can be used with any C-Arm imaging centre.

Soft, pliable, latex-free polyurethane straps may be used for additional patient security and comfort. The straps are easily installed and adjusted to loosely contain the patient’s arm, according to Adept Medical. Two strap mount locations for each arm ensures that the patient’s arms are fully supported, reducing the risk of arm displacement and aiding patient assurance and comfort.

The overhead arm support is crafted from high-performance engineering plastics for enhanced rigidity, durability and resistance to chemical attack. It weighs 1.5kg, and will be available commercially from 1 April 2019.


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