Adept Medical launches Lower Leg Support for PAD patients

Lower Leg Support (Adept Medical)

Adept Medical has today unveiled its Lower Leg Support solution, which is designed to assist with peripheral artery disease (PAD) interventions.

The Lower Leg Support aims to gently immobilise the patient’s leg during fluoroscopy-guided treatment of critical limb ischaemia. The device holds the foot in a slightly plantar flexed position and is endorotation and exorotation capable, providing multiple positioning options to facilitate imaging.

Adept Medical say that the clinician-led, ergonomic design optimally positions the leg to suit the procedural requirements desired during lower limb interventions.

Matt Lazenby, medical product design manager at Adept Medical, said: “Peripheral artery disease is becoming more and more common with over 200 million cases worldwide. We were approached by a number of imaging equipment suppliers, interventional radiologists and vascular specialists requesting a method to keep the leg immobilised whilst treating critical limb ischemia, reducing the requirement for repeat imaging and associated risks.

“This is why we developed the Adept Medical Lower Leg Support. Working with clinicians in the field, we worked hard to provide a solution to comfortably immobilise the leg, aiming to reduce some of the procedural risks for the patient and clinical team. We’re very proud of the result.”

The reversible footplate allows the product to be used on both the left and right foot. The footplate can be removed entirely to enable distal artery access, ultrasound imaging and manipulation of the foot, should it be required during the procedure.

The Lower Leg Support is fitted with a soft foam Leg Pad, providing pressure management for patients who often suffer from painful ulcerations, and soft foam straps to gently immobilise patients under conscious sedation.

Adept Medical say that the Lower Leg Support is compatible with most common table models and is suitable for use with C-arm imaging systems. Resting on top of the table mattress, it can be secured with two table straps equipped with buckles for tensioning and quick release. The Table Straps wrap around the cantilevered table and mattress.


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