Terumo Interventional Systems announces launch of Pinnacle Precision Access System


Terumo Interventional Systems announced the launch of the Pinnacle Precision Access System which features a tapered introducer needle to minimise vessel trauma, dilate the tissue, and gain more precise access in difficult cases, such as those impeded by scar tissue or calcification.

“Terumo’s Pinnacle Precision Access System is one of the most innovative advancements in technology that will help us achieve success in peripheral vascular intervention, specifically where critical limb ischaemia is present,” said Jihad Mustapha, director of Endovascular Laboratories and Director of Cardiovascular Research, Metro Health Hospital, Wyoming, USA. “From the tapered needle to the total integrated fit sheath, Terumo provides a seamless transition for vascular access femorally or peripherally.”

The Pinnacle Precision Access System eliminates the need for a micropuncture kit and a standard size introducer sheath. It features proven total integrated fit technology and a new tapered 21 gauge needle that allow for a smaller, straighter and more accurate puncture to significantly reduce vessel entry site trauma and access complications.

“The innovative Pinnacle Precision Access System helps the user achieve greater procedural efficiency and more precise vascular access, arterially or venously, in order to improve patient outcomes,” said Chris Pearson, vice president, Marketing, Terumo Interventional Systems, USA. “Terumo Interventional Systems has translated its leadership, expertise and technology in transradial vascular access to provide a total product solution for physicians who prefer femoral or peripheral access.”