Straub Medical gets approval for Rotarex S and Aspirex S endovascular catheters in China

Rotarex S
Rotarex S

Straub Medical has announced that the Chinese FDA has recently approved the Straub Endovascular System with its Rotarex S and Aspirex S rotational catheter families. These endovascular rotational catheters restore blood flow in occluded blood vessels by removing occlusion material from the vessel.

Liu Changwei, vice president of the Chinese Society of Vascular Surgery, director of the Vascular Surgery Center at Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China, said: “The Chinese FDA approval of Rotarex S and Aspirex S catheters will bring the Chinese physicians an internationally accepted, innovative and effective solution to address the challenges of arterial and venous occlusive diseases. We look forward to using the new system soon to deliver advanced and more efficient endovascular therapies to our patients.”

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