Solero microwave ablation system gets CE mark


Angiodynamics has announced it has received CE mark certification for the Solero microwave tissue ablation system. Solero and its accessories are indicated for the ablation of soft tissue during open, laparoscopic or percutaneous procedures. The Solero system is not intended for cardiac use.

“The Solero microwave tissue ablation system is a significant addition to our portfolio of oncology/surgery products and allows physicians to maximizs the volume of tissue ablated in the shortest period of time,” said Rick Stark, senior vice president and general manager of the Oncology/Surgery division of AngioDynamics. “Solero is a single applicator system able to complete upto a 5cm ablation in six minutes at maximum power.”

The Solero system features the Solero microwave generator and the specially designed Solero applicators. The solid state Solero microwave generator with a 2.45 GHz operating frequency can power up to 140W for optimised power delivery and fast ablations. The Solero applicator’s optimised ceramic tip diffuses energy nearly spherically, and its patented cooling channel with thermocouple provides real-time monitoring to help protect non-targeted tissue ablation. In addition, the Solero system offers physicians scalability with a single applicator designed for multiple, predictable ablation volumes by varying time and wattage.