Merit Medical launches Resolve mini locking drainage catheter

Resolve mini locking drainage catheter

Merit Medical has announced the commercial launch of the Resolve mini locking drainage catheter, the most recent addition to the company’s line of innovative Resolve locking drainage catheters. The Resolve mini is intended for the percutaneous drainage of fluid from body cavities, and its mini pigtail design—which is up to 42% smaller than the standard Resolve locking drainage catheter pigtail—allows the catheter to be placed into small fluid pockets.

The Resolve mini features a tapered tip and hydrophilic coating for smooth introduction, designed to reduce patient discomfort, a Merit Medical press release reports. Depth markers located on the catheter shaft aid accurate placement and act as a reference for correct positioning, and a radiopaque marker band denotes where the pigtail is to ensure all the holes are in the fluid pocket. The device features multiple large holes to help maximise drainage.

Additionally, the Resolve mini includes a secure locking mechanism that makes it difficult for patients to unlock the catheter, a pigtail straightener to help insert the cannulas into the catheter easier, and a catheter tip positioned within the pigtail curve, designed to reduce tissue irritation. Flexible polyurethane material prevents kinking and ensures catheter rebound, and an included repositioning tool helps unlock and reposition the catheter at any time.

“For years, Merit has been deeply committed to the drainage space, developing novel and innovative catheters and drainage devices that improve the standard of care,” comments Fred Lampropoulos, chair and CEO of Merit Medical. “The commercial launch of the Resolve mini furthers that legacy by offering customers a device designed to provide safety, usability, and patient comfort.”


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