Renlane renal denervation system gets CE mark


Cordis has announced receiving the CE mark for its Renlane renal denervation system for the treatment of patients with resistant hypertension and has completed the first successful cases in Europe.

The Renlane system consists of a helical, irrigated, multielectrode ablation catheter with a multi-channel radiofrequency ablation system.

The first successful cases were performed by Hannes Reuter, University of Cologne Hospital, Cologne, Germany. The treated patients were diagnosed with resistant hypertension and had systolic blood pressures greater than or equal to 160mmHg, despite undergoing traditional drug therapy with three or more anti-hypertensive medications. All procedures were performed successfully and patients were discharged after one day.

”The novel technological design of the Renlane catheter with its configuration of five electrodes and irrigated technology, allows for shorter procedure duration, sparing of contrasting dye and likely more protection of the endothelium,” said Reuter. “The design of the catheter also makes handling the device very easy.”

The catheter features five irrigated electrodes located at the tip of the ablation catheter and is used in conjunction with the multi-channel radiofrequency generator for energy delivery. It is indicated for use in adult patients (>18 years) with drug resistant hypertension to denervate the renal arteries to reduce blood pressure.