Ramsay Diagnostics extends mobile imaging fleet with new MR system

Mobile Magnetom Avanto
Mobile Magnetom Avanto

Ramsay Diagnostics has extended its mobile imaging fleet to include the mobile Magnetom Avanto Tim and Dot MR system from Siemens Healthcare. The new mobile system is to be operated by Ramsay’s mobile radiography team and will deliver imaging services across the UK. 

According to the company, the Magnetom Avanto Tim and Dot system features the same ‘day optimising throughput’ benefits as are available on its sister scanner, the Magnetom Aera. It also includes AudioComfort functionality which includes magnet suspension, special casting for gradient coils and a unique MR sequence design to keep noise levels to a minimum, further enhancing patient comfort within the mobile unit.

The Avanto’s wide selection of applications and high density coil configuration allows radiologists to diagnose a range of conditions such as stroke, spinal abnormalities and heart disease, as well as providing routine high quality musculoskeletal imaging. The system also has an accessible low-to-the-floor table position of just 47cm that can support patients of up to 250kg and enables feet first examinations to be conducted for most MR procedures.

“Ramsay Diagnostics is pleased to take delivery of the mobile MR system. The scanner is a valuable addition to our mobile imaging fleet and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering top quality services to NHS and private patients,” said Andy Spellman, head of Diagnostics at Ramsay Health Care. “The advanced Siemens system, operated by our experienced mobile radiography team, will undoubtedly deliver high quality and efficient scanning services.”

“The mobile Magnetom Avanto will enable Ramsay Health Care to conduct rapid scans, alleviate workload plus help to boost patient throughput and workflow efficiency,” added Vince Golledge, regional sales and corporate business manager at Siemens Healthcare. “We look forward to hearing about the impact the system’s comfort, image quality and flexibility will bring to patients across various locations in the UK.”