Phenox highlights benefits of longer stentriever devices with new study results

phenox longer stentriever
pRESET stentriever

Following its acceptance into Frontiers in Neurology, Phenox has announced the results of a paper exploring the benefit of choosing a longer stentriever for mechanical thrombectomy procedures.

In a paper authored by Carmen Serna-Candel (Neuroradiologische Klinik, Klinikum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany) et al, the outcomes of the pRESET 4×20 and pRESET 5×40 stentrievers (both Phenox) were examined against one another. The results “speak for themselves”, a Phenox press release states, and add to existing evidence that longer stentrievers lead to better patient outcomes.

With the use of the longer stentriever, a significant improvement in recanalisation rates was observed, along with improved mortality rates and fewer passes required to full recanalisation. First pass success was seen in 68.4% of cases with the pRESET 5×40 while the pRESET 4×20 resulted in first pass success in 48.7% of cases.

This led Serna-Candel et al to conclude that “the size of the stent retriever matters in acute M1 occlusions treated with aspiration-assisted thrombectomy”.

“We, in the Phenox engineering team, are delighted to offer to the market another device that will improve the outcomes of patients,” said Ralf Hannes, managing partner of Phenox. “And now, with these data, the 5×40 pRESET has proven its value.”

“We are proud to continue to innovate the neurovascular market and the most important aspect of developing new devices is clinical outcomes,” said Hermann Monstadt, managing partner of Phenox. “This publication is a testament to how we work with feedback from physicians to provide devices to improve patients’ lives.”


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