Penumbra launches new RED 43 reperfusion catheter for mechanical thrombectomy

RED 43

Penumbra recently announced the launch of the latest addition to its RED family of catheter devices for mechanical thrombectomy, the RED 43 reperfusion catheter.

According to the company, this device is intended to take distal aspiration “to the next level” with optimised lumen occupation as well as a soft distal design that allows for enhanced and compliant delivery in tortuosity.

With a 0.043-inch lumen, RED 43 provides powerful distal aspiration alongside the Penumbra ENGINE and features REDglide technology for advanced hydrophilic coating for smooth trackability.

As per the company’s website, additional features of this newly launched device include:

  • A 1.52mm (0.060-inch) outer dimension: low profile and atraumatic design for distal deliverability
  • Precision tip: articulating marker band with short polymer tip design for optimal visualisation and placement
  • Full-length polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liner: designed for durability and lumen integrity under powerful aspiration
  • Proximal hybrid stainless steel and nitinol coil wind: engineered to provide optimal support and softer profile atraumatic navigation


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