Pancreatic cancer patients in Ukraine treated with tumour-specific electroporation continue to improve

A team of specialists at Ulis Hospital (Ulis, Ukraine) has recently reported that the quality-of-life of the two pancreatic cancer patients treated with tumour-specific electroporation (TSE) in September 2022 continues to improve. These two unresectable, locally advanced pancreatic cancer patients had both received TSE treatments in combination with a low dose of chemotherapy, using the IQwave device (ChemoTech).

In the follow-up computed tomography (CT) scans, the patients had shown almost a 50% decrease in tumour mass. Both patients are ambulatory and capable of self-care with no pain and are not on analgesics.

After seeing the promising achieved results, the Ulis Hospital team will continue to perform treatments on similar cases and has also invited cancer researchers internationally to join forces and take this treatment forward.

A press conference is planned in the coming weeks by Ulis researchers to interact with the media and attract other researchers to collaborate and explore the full potential of the TSE technology.

Alexei Kovalev of the Ulis Hospital team gave the following statement to press—”Almost five months after treatment, the response of our patients seems lasting and we are optimistic that it can sustain for many more months, with a positive impact on overall survival. We would like to invite cancer researchers internationally to join hands with us in our pursuit of exploring the TSE technology further, possibly in combination with immune-oncology drugs.


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