CIRSE 2019: Five-year results from real-world study do not show increased mortality for claudicants treated with DCB


Konstantinos Donas (Münster, Germany) reported five-year data from a single-centre, retrospective study with 238 patients in the first CIRSE session. The long-term, real-world dataset showed no increased mortality for the matched patients who underwent paclitaxel-coated balloon treatment vs. those treated with plain balloon angioplasty.

“In addition, there was no correlation between mortality and the dose of paclitaxel used,” the researchers write in the study that was published in CVIR.

These data, which refute the findings from the Katsanos et al meta-analysis, are important as they shed light on whether the meta-analysis can be replicated in a real-world setting, says Donas. He also notes that the researchers designed this study to avoid the limitations of the randomised data included in the meta-analysis.

This investigator-initiated study set out to assess the long-term mortality of patients treated by the IN.PACT Admiral (Medtronic) compared with standard plain balloon angioplasty.

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