Medtronic receives US FDA clearance for TrailBlazer angled peripheral support catheter


Medtronic has announced that the US FDA has cleared the TrailBlazer angled support catheter for use in the peripheral vascular system. Support catheters such as the Trailblazer are often used in endovascular procedures treating complex peripheral artery disease. FDA clearance was received on September 23, 2016.

The new TrailBlazer angled support catheter is designed to support a guidewire during access to the peripheral arteries, and to enable delivery of solutions and diagnostic agents. The catheter features a braided stainless steel shaft for robust pushability and a 25 and 30 degree angled tapered tip to access and cross complex lesions. To enhance physician visibility, each of the .014″, .018″ and .035″ guidewire compatible devices is designed with three radiopaque marker bands and a radiopaque shaft. Additionally, both the .014″ and .018″ TrailBlazer angled support catheter can fit coaxially through the .035″ support catheter for increased reach and pushability.

“Medtronic is committed to providing physicians with meaningful innovations and therapy choices to enhance their peripheral treatment algorithm,” said Mark Pacyna, vice president and general manager of the Peripheral business, which is part of the Aortic & Peripheral Vascular division at Medtronic. “Working with physicians, we have extended the Medtronic TrailBlazer support catheter portfolio to offer a broad suite of angled options for treatment of complex lesions both above and below the knee.”