Why ISET 2019 is a must-attend meeting: Insight from a multidisciplinary state of course directors

Hands-on training for ISET attendees

For three decades, the International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy (ISET) has been providing clinicians with premier endovascular education. In 2019, ISET is investing in new programme enhancements to proactively address the growing need for highly specialised, interactive, and practical education for today’s endovascular and vascular specialists.

ISET’S hallmark live cases, which showcase the practical application of cutting-edge endovascular techniques by top operators across the globe, will be expanded to include an additional 90 minutes of case time. Over 15 cases will transmit from several new sites across the USA and around the world, including: Houston Methodist Hospital (Houston, USA), Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute (Miami, USA), University Hospital Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany), and Wellmont CVA Heart Institute (Kingsport, USA).

The programme will now feature dedicated tracks with interactive sessions woven throughout the course of the meeting, allowing attendees to customise their endovascular education. These tracks will be focused on critically relevant topics, including peripheral arterial disease (PAD), critical limb ischaemia (CLI), complex aortic and iliac interventions, clot management, venous interventions, and embolotherapy.

Late-breaking clinical data with a focus on promising new technologies will also be featured, along with the opportunity to earn 26.75 CME/CNE credits and gain invaluable insight from 70+ experts during 300+ lectures.

Messages from the ISET course directors

An expanded, multidisciplinary slate of distinguished course directors now guide the meeting’s programming and they cannot help but share their excitement for the enhanced programme. Several discuss why ISET 2019 is a must-attend meeting below:

“ISET 2019 is interesting, novel, immediately relevant, and highly interactive. Join us for expanded clinical live cases at live case sites that offer the greatest amount of unbiased, multidisciplinary, practical teaching. Engage in dynamic town halls and late-breaking topic discussions every morning; then dive into one of our three focused tracks each afternoon,” enthuses interventional radiologist Constantino Peña (Miami, USA).

Vascular surgeon Daniel Clair (Columbia, USA), a new ISET course director for 2019, says: “ISET offers clinicians insight into a vast array of treatment methods used by multidisciplinary experts, supplying them with a broad armamentarium for dealing with patients. This year, “deeper dives” into areas of controversy and of particular interest to participants will provide them with heightened practical knowledge. I am honoured to be a part of a meeting that highlights collaboration, collegiality, and critical appraisal of care.”

A live case at ISET 2018

Jihad Mustapha (Grand Rapids, USA), another new ISET course director and an interventional cardiologist, comments: “The ISET faculty possesses deep knowledge of the very latest endovascular therapies. Working together, we help attendees from around the world leave the meeting confidently equipped with multiple solutions to complex obstacles they may face in daily practice. The education at ISET brings us closer to our common goal: better outcomes for our patients.”

Concurring with his colleagues, vascular surgeon Richard Neville (Washington DC, USA) adds, “ISET is an outstanding meeting that emphasises a multidisciplinary approach to vascular therapy in a collegial, but scientific, atmosphere. There is a real cross-fertilisation of ideas and information that simply isn’t available at other meetings.”

Interventional cardiologist D Chris Metzger (Kingsport, USA) contributes his thoughts on the meeting: “ISET has been a longstanding leading forum for interdisciplinary vascular intervention education. It continues to evolve further by featuring current hot topics focused on changing landscapes and innovations and expanding live case venues worldwide. This year promises to take ISET to new levels.”

Agreeing with his fellow ISET course directors, interventional radiologist James Benenati summaries: “Endovascular medicine is a fast-evolving field. Innovation is rapid and new technology developments are constant. ISET provides a fertile environment for multidisciplinary collaboration and sharing of research, innovation, techniques, and new ideas.”

Visit iset.org to learn more and register for ISET 2019.


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