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By Daniel Brown

After its launch in June, is gaining momentum as a tool for interventional radiologists performing image-guided oncology procedures. The site features monthly updated interventional oncology news feeds, Twitter updates, Michael Soulen’s Clinic Notes blog, a calendar of related meetings, and multiple interactive services including a discussion forum and the case of the week feature. The discussion forum allows practicing physicians to present clinical scenarios and questions from their practices. Both posters and responders are registered creating an open environment between less experienced or novice operators and thought leaders. 

The case of the week features unusual or challenging cases from the interesting case files of a number of leading institutions, including but not limited to Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Emory, the University of Pennsylvania, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, The Dotter Institute, and Thomas Jefferson University. Interested parties from other institutions are welcome to submit cases too. Posted cases include 5–7 slides presenting relevant patient history and imaging with questions to the io-central group at large regarding treatment plans or management/avoidance of toxicities.

Topics covered to date include ablation near critical motor nerves, chemoembolization in the setting of a transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunt, IR management of BCLC C hepatocellular carcinoma and other topics relevant to the daily practice of interventional oncology. An applicable case was percutaneous cryoablation with intraprocedural sciatic EMG monitoring of locally recurrent extra-abdominal desmoid tumour.

As interventional oncology practices continue to expand, the options available to practitioners are increasing also. The primary goal of is to provide evidence-based content to practitioners working in this space with real-time content updates and interaction. Additionally, unusual clinical scenarios are common in interventional oncology. Our goal is that the interactive options provide members the means to communicate with other interested parties in a seamless manner that improves knowledge and patient care. Registration is free at


Daniel Brown, professor of Radiology, director, Interventional Radiology, Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA, is chair of the IO Central committee.