“Collaboration and innovation” is at core of Michael Jaff’s new role at Boston Scientific

Michael Jaff

Boston Scientific recently announced that vascular medicine specialist Michael R Jaff (Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Newton, USA) will be joining the company as vice president, clinical affairs, innovation and technology, peripheral interventions. His role will involve, according to Boston Scientific, leading clinical and medical affairs strategies to support the development and commercialisation of the company’s peripheral vascular medical device portfolio. In this interview with Interventional News, Jaff discusses his new position and says that “collaboration and innovation” is at its core.

Why did you decide to make the switch from medical practice to industry?

I have had an amazing career and I have been able to have a positive effect on the lives of many incredible patients. Also, I have had the privilege of participating in some of the most impactful clinical trials that have shaped and evolved our field. Most recently, I had the honour of leading a remarkable group of healthcare professionals at Newton-Wellesley Hospital. This opportunity to join an extraordinary medical technology company [Boston Scientific] is the crown jewel in my career.

Why Boston Scientific?

I have had multiple opportunities to collaborate on clinical trials with Boston Scientific, and I have been impressed with their innovative spirit, integrity and ethical standards. Their business approach has always been of interest to me and I feel honoured to have the opportunity to partner with them to improve the health of patients around the world.

How do you think your experience as a physician will help you in your new role?

Being a physician is key to this role—there is nothing more important that I can bring to the table than the perspective of what matters most to patients. My hope and my goal is that these insights will lead Boston Scientific to innovations and discoveries that will change the outcomes for patients and increase longevity.

What will your new role involve?

At the core of this new role is collaboration and innovation; we want to develop medical solutions that will transform lives. I will collaborate with colleagues at Boston Scientific to develop novel clinical trials, source new technologies and advance innovation.

In your new role, you will be looking at innovation. What do you think will be the biggest innovation in peripheral technologies over the next few years?

I am enthusiastic about advancing revascularisation strategies in peripheral artery disease, particularly given the recent confusion surrounding paclitaxel. I want to help solve the management conundrums of venous thromboembolic disease, advance interventional treatment of various malignancies, and progress artificial intelligence associated with implantable devices.

Are you able to say what Boston Scientific has in the pipeline in terms of peripheral technologies? 

This is an exciting time to be joining the Boston Scientific Peripheral Interventions business, especially with the recent merger with BTG. The new portfolio of products will advance care for patients in ways that could not be realised by either company alone. My focus will be on driving innovation and clinical evidence of minimally-invasive treatments. I am excited about the totality of products in the Boston Scientific peripheral portfolio and what they offer physicians and patients.


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