IASIOS reports significant increase in global interventional oncology centres


iasiosThe International Accreditation System for Interventional Oncology Services (IASIOS), a membership-based accreditation programme, announces its continued advancement in a recent press release, reporting that their network has tripled since its 2021 inception.

The programme seeks to further establish interventional oncology (IO) as a “fundamental pillar within comprehensive cancer care”. IASIOS has been developed to recognize facilities that adhere to the CIRSE Standards of Quality Assurance in Interventional Oncology.

What sets IASIOS apart, the press release states, is its multi-tiered accreditation system. Facilities can earn the ‘Enrolled Seal’ by actively implementing necessary changes to meet the core criteria required for accreditation. Upon successfully demonstrating compliance with the core criteria through the IASIOS application process, facilities are awarded the ‘Accredited Seal’. For those that go above and beyond to meet both core and extended criteria, the ultimate recognition comes in the form of the Centre of Excellence Seal.

A dedicated steering board and committee has been appointed to the IASIOS programme, with further support from a network of representatives from leading IO hospitals across the globe. Moreover, with support from over 40 interventional radiology societies worldwide, the IASIOS community seeks to drive advancements in IO and patient care.

Since its public launch in 2021, IASIOS has reported positive growth. Starting with just 12 participating facilities, IASIOS has increased to 40. IASIOS Accredited Seals have been awarded to 15 centres from countries spanning Australia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, and the UK. Now, in 2023, IASIOS intends to make its mark in new territories, as the press release conveys, welcoming facilities from South America, the USA, the UAE, Belgium and Ireland to its network.

Through the implementation of the membership annual benefits program, IASIOS offers a number of initiatives for career and professional development, networking, mentorship, workshops, promotion, recognition, and valuable survey opportunities, aiming to elevate the standard of care for a greater number of cancer patients worldwide.


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