Guerbet announces commercial partnership with Imalogix


Guerbet has announced a commercial partnership with Imalogix, a company focusing on artificial intelligence process and workflow solutions. The commercial partnership combines Guerbet’s diagnostic and interventional imaging with the cloud-based human and machine-intelligence capabilities of Imalogix to proactively identify areas that impact care delivery to reduce variability and improve the quality, safety and efficiency of care around radiation dose management.

According to a press release, the Imalogix Platform gives healthcare organisations the tools to understand and manage the process, quality and safety related to diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures, and meet evolving regulatory standards surrounding radiation dose management.

“Guerbet is thrilled to deliver an AI-powered solution that brings together data in a meaningful way to evolve the standard of care to patients for managing radiation dose,” says Massimo Carrara, Guerbet Vice President for North America. “By partnering with such a recognised expert in the field, Guerbet remains focused on offering the best in diagnostic imaging in a rapidly evolving industry.”

The Imalogix self-learning neural network enables organisations to understand and benchmark in real-time best practices from the mass learnings across a network of providers to drive continuous improvement. Deep learning recommendations highlight where and how changes can be made to enable organisations to proactively change behaviour down to the scanner, protocol and operator level. Insights into procedure length, utilisation, and workflow help organisations understand how to become more efficient and optimise patient flow. 

“We are excited to partner with Guerbet who has an extensive track record of innovation. This partnership further demonstrates their commitment to grow and expand their digital offerings to bring best-in-class solutions to their customers,” says John Heil, CEO of Imalogix.


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