Cook Medical launches new 2.6Fr CXI support catheter


supportCook Medical recently released the second generation of the 2.6Fr CXI support catheter with platinum-iridium marker bands. The CXI catheter is used in small-vessel anatomy or super-selective anatomy for diagnostic and interventional procedures, including peripheral use.

“We strive to offer physicians the tools they need to provide the best possible outcomes for patients,” comments Mike Williams, director of global vascular programmes. “Physicians frequently asked for the 2.6Fr CXI support catheter to have the same visibility as smaller-sized CXI catheters. Platinum-iridium marker bands were added in response to these needs.”

This second-generation CXI catheter provides clinicians with better visualisation under fluoroscopy because of the platinum-iridium marker bands. The catheter comes with additional tip configurations and a new 135cm length. Its stainless steel braid provides responsive torque and pushability, and the 2.3Fr and 2.6Fr sizes can fit coaxially in the 4.0Fr size to increase the amount of support.

The new design of the 2.6Fr platform is now available in Europe, the USA and Canada.


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