CATHI launches portable endovascular simulator system to med tech and pharma industries


CATHISEndovascular stimulator company CATHI has launched a campaign promoting CATHIS Smart, its portable system, to medical technology and pharmaceutical companies. The system displays all types of endovascular intervention in any medical field, and is designed for neuroradiology, cardiology, radiology, angiology, and pneumology training.

CATHIS Smart is the size of a laptop, and can be customised to individual user needs, such as being set up with specific devices or instruments.

According to CATHI, the system enables sales teams to give “simplified yet high-definition demonstrations of complex products to their customers”. Their company press release states that sales teams can “quickly learn simple-to-follow step-by-step procedures to gain a basic understanding of vessel anatomy, plus the handling of instruments or devices”. CATHIS Smart can also be used by engineers as a tool for aiding product design by facilitating visualisation and the extrapolation of ideas, as well as factoring in ease of operation and a positive user experience.

Users of CATHIS Smart can jump directly to specific steps within the workflow, which the company say is useful for educational purposes.

“Simulators are essential items of equipment for the cath lab, both for initial training and maintaining vital skills,” says Andreas Götte, head of Cardiology at the St Vincenz Hospital, Paderborn, Germany. “But to be effective they must resemble ‘real life’ clinical practice: we must see the coronary artery as it really is, being able to manipulate guide wires as well as catheters and balloons.”

The CATHIS Smart simulator is supported by a range of hardware including a control unit, notebook, and foot pedal.


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