Catheter Connections and Merit Medical sign distribution agreement for DualCap technology


Catheter Connections has announced that it entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Merit Medical Systems to distribute its DualCap technology for IV connector disinfection and protection in the fields of interventional radiology and interventional cardiology.

Under the agreement, Catheter Connections can receive up to US$1 million in up-front payments and additional revenue from product sales for providing Merit with rights to exclusively distribute Catheter Connection’s proprietary disinfection technology.


The distribution agreement follows the most recent patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, titled “Disinfecting Caps For Medical Male Luer Connectors,” which broadly covers Catheter Connections’ male luer disinfection technology. Only Catheter Connections has patent protection, as well as FDA clearance, to market a device to disinfect and protect male luer connectors attached to the end of IV tubing lines.

“We look forward to the association with Merit. Merit’s impressive track record of innovation and growth, in addition to its global marketing resources, will expedite the commercialisation of our DualCap technology and increase patient safety. This agreement validates our superior position in the IV disinfection market in terms of both our intellectual property and our ability to help hospitals reduce bloodstream infections,” said Vicki Farrar, CEO, Catheter Connections.