Canada first country to get DC Bead Lumi treatment for liver cancer patients

DC Bead Lumi is also called LC Bead Lumi in other geographies

BTG International Canada has announced the commercial launch of DC Bead Lumi in Canada. The launch represents the first market commercialisation of DC Bead Lumi in the world, with regulatory clearances and launches planned for additional markets worldwide.

DC Bead Lumi is sometimes also called LC Bead Lumi in other geographies. The company received Health Canada approval for DC Bead Lumi in August 2016.

DC Bead Lumi is the first available radiopaque embolic drug-eluting bead that can be loaded with doxorubicin for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of primary liver cancer or with irinotecan for the treatment of malignant colorectal cancer metastasised to the liver (mCRC).

The unique visibility of DC Bead Lumi helps optimise patient treatment by enabling real-time visible confirmation of bead location during and after the embolization procedure. This provides interventional radiologists more control, while at the same time facilitating discovery of regions of under-treatment, allowing precise evaluation of the completeness of tumour treatment and enhanced end-point determination, with long-lasting radiopacity to support follow-up management.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Canada was the first institution to perform transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) using the new device.

“The Lumi TACE beads really delivered. They were what one hoped for; it was easy to see under fluoroscopy, single shot and cone beam CT,” said Chris Dey, staff vascular/interventional radiologist, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and assistant professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. “You can appreciate actual bead deposition in the liver for the first time, flow patterns much more reliably and make intraprocedural adjustments or determine endpoints more precisely.”

“DC Bead Lumi allows for the personalisation of liver cancer treatment like never before, providing the vision, precision and assurance that the treatment is getting where it needs to be,” added Frank Maiorino, director, Marketing at BTG International Canada.