BTG launches βETA radiation safety programme at CIRSE 2016



BTG has launched the βETA Radiation Safety Programme, a new initiative designed to reduce the risk of radiation exposure when performing selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) with 90Y microspheres. Developed in collaboration with global experts, including Jacob Kamen of the Mount Sinai Medical Center, the βETA Radiation Safety Programme analyses current practise and exposure risk, and provides recommendations to improve safety for healthcare professionals and patients.

The βETA Radiation Safety Programme, launching at the 2016 CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe) International Conference in Barcelona, Spain is a new online resource featuring a range of educational tools and materials on radiation protection, health and safety. The resource is designed to provide users with proprietary audit tools to assess the risk of radiation exposure associated with selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) with 90Y microspheres.

“With the rapid pace of development of new radiation treatments, there is a real need for education on best practice which is current to treatments being used today, such as SIRT,” says Jacob Kamen, chief radiation and laser safety officer, associate professor of Radiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York City, USA.