Bringing 3D into the lab: SmartCT, the next-generation imaging system


Constantino Peña (Miami, USA) moderates an Interventional News webinar focusing on how the SmartCT system (Philips) can “transform” IR suites and the importance of 3D imaging within this setting. Peña is joined by two early-users of the technology, Marc Sapoval and Hicham Kobeiter, both from Paris, France.

Discussing the transition to SmartCT, Sapoval says his team was “very impressed” by the ease of adoption, adding that the “learning curve is quite short”. Kobeiter further states that he is “more comfortable” in the Azurion room with the SmartCT than he was with previous systems.

Asked about improvements to the tableside and workflow, Sapoval says that SmartCT is “very convenient” in that it allows the physicians to conduct all appropriate 3D imaging without leaving the lab and compromising sterility. Kobeiter adds that another advantage is that it helps in teaching others who are outside of the room and gives the user greater control and manipulation of the room. These experiences, says Peña, highlight how the system has made the workflow “more efficient”.

They also highlight advantages of using the system in the current environment with Kobeiter noting that when there is a COVID patient he goes immediately to the room with the SmartCT because “we know that once we step in we do not need to go out”.

This video is sponsored by Philips.


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