Argon Medical Devices announces launch of minimally invasive drainage catheter


Argon Medical Devices has announced the commercial launch of Skater mini-loop drainage catheters in the USA and the European Union.

The Skater mini-loop is a drainage catheter placed through the skin using imaging guidance as a minimally invasive way to remove or drain an unwanted fluid collection. The device, an expansion of Argon’s Skater all-purpose and nephrostomy drainage portfolio, uses a 40% smaller loop to help secure the catheter and drain fluid from smaller cavities.

“The Skater mini-loop drainage catheter is easily inserted and forms a tight loop formation to prevent drainage occlusion. Unlike other drainage catheters in the class, Skater mini-loop is compatible with alcohol and has durability to resist kinking,” says Sujoy Menon (Newark Beth Israel Medical Centre, Newark, USA), one of the first physicians in the USA to use the device.

Argon Medical Devices has introduced several new devices in the biopsy, drainage, and vascular therapy segments in 2020 and is planning on expanding their product list aimed at facilitating interventional vascular and oncology procedures in 2021.

“We are excited to complete our Skater portfolio of drainage solutions and celebrate this next launch in our Year of Innovation [2021],” commented George A Leondis, president and CEO of Argon Medical Devices.


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