Adept Medical launches the Antegrade IR platform

antegrade IR platform
Antegrade IR Platform and ArmSure

Adept Medical has launches its Antegrade IR platform, which provides a work surface for antegrade femoral approach during interventional radiology vascular procedures. The device sits within the company’s existing range of access and patient positioning devices designed for interventional radiology, cardiology and vascular procedures.

Designed to provide a stable, radiolucent, height- and length-appropriate work surface for supporting light-weight equipment during the antegrade femoral approach, the Antegrade IR Platform offers clinical benefits to the current practice of laying procedural equipment on the mattress and patient, a press release states.

The narrow portion of the Antegrade IR Platform extends alongside the patient towards the femoral artery, offering a steady platform for the clinician to rest their wrists on during wire manipulation. It can be set up at two different lengths and at various heights according to the patient and procedure, providing flexibility.

“Having the Retrograde IR Platform in market now for a few years gave us deeper insights into the requirements surrounding femoral artery access and that product was the conversation starter for the Antegrade IR Platform”, Adept Medical’s product development manager Matt Lazenby comments. “It became a common request when promoting at congress meetings and we worked closely with director of Medical Imaging, Marcus Mykytowycz of Western Health (Melbourne, Australia), with iterations of prototypes before widening our trial sites. Lower leg interventions for ischaemia is going through a rapid upsurge due to the increase in diabetes cases and we felt that the timing was right to release a specific platform for facilitating antegrade femoral access with all the same benefits as our existing retrograde platform.”

Ideally used in conjunction with the Adept Medical Drape Support and ArmSure, these two products offer drape management, patient comfort and security during interventional radiology procedures.

Crafted from carbon fibre composite and high-performance engineering plastics, the platform is light-weight yet strong and has a high resistance to chemical attack from commonly used cleaning products.


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