Vascular Solutions launches the Trespass angiographic catheter


Vascular Solutions has recently announced the availability of the new Trespass angiographic catheter, which is specifically designed for use by interventional radiologists and other physicians performing endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) repair procedures. Its unique hybrid design offers simplicity and multiple functionality.

The Trespass angiographic catheter combines an angled tip design to facilitate guidewire delivery and direction with radiopaque markers for vessel sizing and sideports for high pressure injections. Because the Trespass is a flush catheter, angled tip catheter and vessel sizing catheter all in one, it replaces multiple catheters that are commonly used in AAA procedures with just one. The catheter comes in a 5F, 65cm configuration.

The Trespass catheter is intended for use for delivering radiopaque media to selected sites of the vascular system, and for pressure and anatomical measurements, and is currently available for sale in the United States.