US FDA clearance for Discovery IGS 740 mobile angiography system

Discovery IGS 740

GE Healthcare has announced receiving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for the Discovery IGS 740, a new rail-free mobile angiography system with a 41×41-cm detector.

This new imaging system puts interventional radiologists at the centre of their procedures. The rail-free design allows healthcare professionals ample access to the patient while freeing clinical teams from the constraints of fixed ceiling-mounted system rails, a press release from the company states. Its wide bore c-arm and dedicated arm-imaging positions create ease in imaging the anatomy of interest, and full patient access from the left or right.

By eliminating the ceiling rails, installation is simplified for flexibility in designing the room and positioning ceiling-mounted ancillaries (monitors, radshields, lights) where healthcare professionals need them, the release notes.

The Discovery IGS 740 is equipped with two customisable parking positions to accommodate multiple room sizes and shapes. The 41×41-cm detector enables imaging of large organs, such as the liver and simultaneous coverage of both legs. The wide-bore c-arm helps interventional radiologists image large patients and conveniently perform off-centered 3D acquisitions. In addition, the system comes equipped with more than 20 advanced applications, such as FlightPlan for Liver, which helps clinicians identify tumour-feeding vessels in a few clicks, and be selective during liver embolizations.

“Our goal is to pioneer a solution designed to free interventional radiologists from traditional constraints,” says Chantal Le Chat, general manager of GE Healthcare Premium Angiography. “With the enhanced mobility of the Discovery IGS 740, clinicians have full freedom to operate, and we believe this can revolutionise the field of interventional imaging.”