Toshiba Medical Systems introduces a new 160-detector row scanner


Aquilion/Premium is a scalable, upgradable platform designed to maintain the highest level of performance.

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation introduces a new 160-detector row scanner; the Aquilion /Premium. The system generates 320 slices per 80 mm in a single rotation using the coneXact reconstruction algorithm. Its unique concept allows an easy upgrade path to 320-detector rows, with 160 mm coverage, and 640 slices per rotation, the same as the Aquilion ONE.

80-mm wide area detector
By virtue of 160 in-line “Quantum” detectors the Aquilion /Premium covers 80 mm in a single rotation. The very small detector aperture of just 0.5mm, the world’s smallest available in CT technology for patient care, provides true isotropic voxels of just 0.35mm, visualising the finest details for fast and accurate diagnosis.

Aquilion /Premium generates 320 slices per rotation using the coneXact 3D volume reconstruction adopted in Toshiba’s flagship Aquilion ONE. By applying top end technology, reconstruction artefacts related to the wide cone angle are virtually neglected, providing highest quality images at any anatomical position.

Patient care
Pending the requested scan-range, up to 160 rows of data, or 80 mm, are scanned in 1 single rotation. Since the acquisition is completed in a shortest possible period of time, patient comfort is maximized. The unique “(i)-station” provides audio-visual instructions for the patients. During scanning the remaining breath-hold can be viewed by the patient. For children, special animated movies were developed easing the stress, and making examinations easy to follow. Precise anatomical positioning is warranted through the patient couch, which handles up to 300 kg.

Lowest dose
Through advanced dose reduction techniques, the Aquilion /Premium substantially lowers the patient dose by applying sophisticated algorithms on the raw-data. Working in 3 dimensions, “Quantum Denoising Software (QDS)”, a noise reduction algorithm, and Boost3D, an algorithm compensating for objects with increased absorption like the pelvis, lower the patient dose up to 50%, compared to usual levels.
In addition the Aquilion /Premium features “Active collimation”, minimizing unnecessary patient exposure caused by over-ranging when scanning in Helical mode, saving dose up to 20%.

Fastest scanning
The wide volume of 80 mm assure faster scan-times for all applications. A typical cardiac exam can be acquired in just 3 beats, therefore improving diagnostic accuracy. What’s more, when compared to a typical scan in Helical mode a substantial dose reduction is realised. Dynamic processes exceeding the 80 mm are assured by a volume shuttle mode. This wide volume acquisition technique provides extended coverage at the short scan-times, enabling excellent 4D viewing.

Green Power
The Aquilion /Premium uses a uniquely designed energy re-cycling system. When gantry rotation is ceased, released energy is used to power the computers, therefore reducing energy consumption.
Unsurpassed performance in low contrast detectability, 2mm at 0.3% and dose of just 22.5mGy, visualize small complex anatomical structures, such as coronary arteries.

Superb performance and maximised dose efficiency reduce the need for greater generators using more power. Resulting advantage is that the Aquilion /Premium offers better quality images at lower radiation levels, therefore lowering power consumption.

Image storage and transfer
Optimal patient management data is secured by large, on board, storage facilities. Up to 800.000 images can be stored for immediate access when needed. In addition the large raw-data storage facility keeps the acquired data for a prolonged period of time, when needed for additional specific reconstructions.

The user will be offered the latest DICOM standard. The newly developed, “Enhanced DICOM”, increases the transfer speed up to 10 times, compared to the usually applicable transfer rate. The transfer of 1200 images, which would normally take over 3 minutes, is completed in a mere 20 seconds.

Software at choice
Experience learned that selection of optional software packages can be difficult. What’s more, due to budget restrictions and a choice, which is sometimes overtaken by clinical reality, the users may be confronted with the need to have a different choice of software than originally selected. The Aquilion /Premium offers a half-year test period for a wide range of clinical software packages. Therefore the best choice for patient care is made with optimum use of the available budget.