Toshiba introduces next generation Aquilion LB


Toshiba has announced the launch of the next generation  Aquilion LB scanner. According to a company release, the Aquilion LB proves to be one of the most successful Large Bore scanners for oncology applications. 

Aquilion LB features Toshiba’s  “Quantum Detector Technology”, which provides the finest details by 16-row data acquisition with 0.5mm thin slices, providing low contrast visualisation and 350 micron spatial resolution.

The next Generation Aquilion LB has also been enhanced with AIDR 3D (Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction in 3D) to provide a dose reduction in clinical setting by up to 75%, when compared to scans performed with traditional Filtered Back Projection (FBP) techniques. The AIDR 3D algorithm is designed to work in both the raw data and reconstruction domains and optimises image quality for each particular body region.

“Double Slice Technology” allows 32 images to be generated in a single rotation without dose penalty. The acquired volume data can be reconstructed at double density, resulting in sharper images and provides vastly superior MPR and 3D reconstructions.

The robust “Respiratory-gating system” minimises image artifacts, associated with respiratory motion and provides reliable 4D CT gated images to evaluate respiratory motion. Respiratory gated scanning is available in both prospective and retrospective scan modes, and can be applied for all patients, even those with a slow respiratory cycle as low as six breaths per minute.

The new “Phase Averaging Function”, enables stacking of multiphase data to demonstrate tumor movement in one static image. In addition the “Advanced 4D Viewer” includes a target tracking function so the region of interest is always shown in-plane during cine playback.