Toshiba introduces new Aplio ultrasound imaging series


Toshiba Medical Systems will be introducing the Aplio 300, 400 and 500 series at the World Congress of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (26-29 August 2011, Vienna, Austria). The new systems feature the 4D option Fly Thru as well as Smart Fusion that enables the user to merge CT or MRI images with the ultrasound scan in real-time.

While conventional 3D imaging displays the surface of a given structure by parallel projection, FlyThru uses perspective projection to display a given structure, emphasising the near over the far field much like in optical endoscopy.

Smart Fusion is a powerful navigation tool that allows combining different imaging modalities onscreen in real-time. It reads 3D DICOM data sets from all major imaging modalities such as CT and MRI. A position-sensor with sub-millimetre accuracy is attached to the transducer shaft to provide free access during interventions. Matching the transducer position with the pre-acquired 3D data set is a simple and quick two-step process, making this tool easy to work with in daily routine.

“Even though we are very satisfied with the image quality of our current Aplio systems, the new Aplio 500 gives us even better spatial resolution and imaging contrast,” said Adrian Lim, consultant radiologist and head of the Ultrasound Department at Charing Cross Hospital in London, UK.

Thomas Fischer, Radiological Institute at Charité in Berlin, Germany, said: “In addition to the stunning quality of the B-mode image, Smart Fusion is most beneficial for clinical settings. This is the first feature to routinely allow calling up CT data sets and combine them live with the ultrasound images. That means I can navigate the CT and the ultrasound image in real-time, change values of the CT scan, directly compare findings, perform biopsies and administer contrast agents. Since the function is very easy to handle it is excellently suited for every-day clinical use.”

“The new Aplio series offers an extensive range of clinical innovations presented in a fresh, extremely smart and ergonomic design. State of the art technologies and pioneering new features enhance all aspects of ultrasound imaging raising the highly successful Aplio brand to an entirely new level,” said Jörg Schlegel, global marketing manager, Business Unit Ultrasound at Toshiba Medical Systems.