Philips and Maquet showcase new hybrid operating room solution at Medica 2010


Royal Philips Electronics, in partnership with Maquet are jointly showcasing the latest version of their hybrid operating room (OR) suite at Medica 2010. On display will be the Allura Xper FD OR Table which integrates the Philips Allura Xper angiographic X-ray system with the MAQUET Hybrid OR solution including hybrid table. Also shown are HeartNavigator, OR lights, monitors, and radiation protection walls. The hybrid OR suite is a simple, one–room solution combining facilities for both minimally invasive and open surgical procedures.

Globally, hospitals increasingly move towards more same day and minimally invasive surgery, such as catheter based cardiac treatments, which are often less costly and less strenuous for patients. Clinicians recognise the advantages of minimally invasive procedures for certain procedures and patients, which may include shorter patient recovery times, greater patient comfort and faster patient throughput.


Therefore hospitals today increasingly require their operating rooms to be flexible and adaptable to accommodate both minimally invasive as well as open surgical procedures, and to include the latest technologies. Since different interdisciplinary teams may need to operate in the same room over the course of a day, the key to success of a hybrid OR is its cross purpose functionality. All elements for both image guided and open surgical procedures must be well integrated and easy to access. 


The hybrid OR suite meets this growing need for multipurpose functionality and minimally invasive interventions to address a spectrum of cardiac conditions, both structural and degenerative. It provides a solution that combines the equipment needed to perform both open and endovascular cardiac procedures within the same room. 


The hybrid OR concept is a significant breakthrough in facilitating procedural collaboration between specialties, with hybrid OR procedures being coded by payors as a single procedure to encourage clinicians to make the best choice for the patient without the need for cost considerations. Surgeons and interventionalists believe that this concept will enable them to provide a wider range of treatments, improve care and reduce procedure costs.


Traditionally, X-ray imaging is used to navigate cardiac interventions performed in a cardiac catheterisation (cath) lab.  In recent times, 3D ultrasound imaging in visualising complex structures during interventions has become more important. The Philips/Maquet hybrid OR suite combines the sterility and instruments of a traditional operating room with the X-ray and ultrasound imaging systems plus the radiation shields of a cath lab.   


The Philips Allura Xper FD20 is a flexible X-ray system with a large 20-inch field of view for minimally invasive cardiac surgery; The Philips HeartNavigator combines CT pre-procedure images of a patient’s cardiac anatomy into a 3D  image and overlays it with live x-ray fluoroscopy information; The Maquet Magnus hybrid table system features a carbon fibre table top providing almost 360 degree radiotranslucency for optimum x-ray images, available in six versions with various lengths and travel paths. The Allura Xper and the Magnus are fully integrated, from the perspective of safety, optimal workflow and advanced functionality. The Hybrid OR Suite, as on display at Medica, enables clinicians to perform a full range of minimally invasive and open procedures.


The Philips/Maquet Hybrid OR Suite is customised for customer needs and designed using an advanced 3D architectural planning tool that provides a 3D visual of possible room configurations.  From high-quality, high-resolution, multi-modality advanced 3D room planning software (supporting confident decision-making), to surgical tables, lighting and other equipment considerations; the full scope of equipment combinations is assessed.