Novel technology offers simultaneous training for multidisciplinary teams in surgical/interventional operating theatres


Orzone announces novel functionalities in the modular surgical/interventional operating theatre (Orcamp), enabling the integration of various simulators for multidisciplinary team based training. This technology offers the possibility to train, for the first time, a whole team simultaneously on complex procedures in a fully realistic simulated environment. 

Orzone recently participated at CIRSE in Munich where multidisciplinary simulated team training was conducted by the use of Orcamp, equipped with two leading simulators; Vist-C  (high-fidelity procedural VR simulator) and SimMan 3G (a realistic, adult full-body patient simulator). By using these simulators the operation room team could involve complex training components for all team members enabling multidisciplinary team based training.

The novel functionality means that the complex procedures can be synchronised through a set of innovative tools giving the operator and the anesthesiologist the possibility to interact whilst each of them running highly realistic simulations for their area of expertise.

About Orcamp

Orcamp is an advanced simulation tool for training and assessment in a highly realistic operation environment, with hybrid OR functionality. By simulating real equipment in combination with life-like medical simulations, the goal is to teach realistic operation behaviour, both for the team and the individual operator.

Orcamp consists of C-arm with simulated x-ray, a table, a control panel, a pedal and screens used for external peripheral information such as Ultrasound and ECG. The portable screens can also be used for external simulators GUI and the software for procedure planning, briefing, debriefing, and step-by-step scenarios.