New micro-bland embolization technique highlighted at CIRSE


CeloNova BioSciences has announced that Franco Orsi made two presentations at the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE 2009, Lisbon, Portugal) conference about “micro-bland embolization” which has demonstrated excellent clinical results in treating liver cancer.

Orsi and his colleagues at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy have developed a technique to cut off the blood supply inside liver tumours and liver metastases that leads to effective tumour control and reduced recurrence of tumours without the use of chemotherapy drugs.

“Embolic particles should be size-calibrated with a small bandwidth in diameter variations because during administration, larger particles within the same vial or syringe may occlude microvessels more proximally and prevent a deeper penetration of the smaller ones,” said Orsi, whose findings were presented at the CIRSE medical conference September 19-23 and published in the September edition of Vascular Disease Management.

“We are gratified that Orsi has developed this micro-bland embolization technique and demonstrated that the unique and very precise calibration of Embozene microspheres leads to superior clinical findings in the treatment of liver cancer,” said Thomas A Gordy, president and chief executive officer, CeloNova Biosciences. “Embozene microspheres, unlike other embolics, are precisely calibrated so that larger spheres do not prevent the deepest possible penetration of tumours. Patients with liver cancer treated in this new way can experience a longer life and a better quality of life.”

About Embozene microspheres

Embozene microspheres are the first and only microspheres to be colour-enhanced with a different colour for each size for increased procedural safety, efficiency and visibility. They are also available in a wider range of sizes than any other spherical embolic on the market. CeloNova’s Embozene microspheres consist of a hydrogel core and an exterior shell made from Polyzene -F, CeloNova’s proprietary polymer which is known to be anti-inflammatory and bacterial-resistant. Four design features distinguish Embozene microspheres from other spherical embolics: biocompatibility, precise calibration, stable suspension, and structural stability.