First patients in New Zealand treated with Aorfix

Lombard Aorfix
Lombard Aorfix

Lombard has announced the successful completion of the first two EVAR cases performed in New Zealand using Aorfix, an endovascular stent graft for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. 

Aorfix is the first and only endovascular stent graft with global approvals for the treatment of patients with aortic neck angulations up to 90 degrees, often a feature of complicated abdominal aortic aneurysm anatomies. Lombard Medical expanded its commercial footprint in the Asia-Pacific region following the launch of Aorfix in Japan in September.  

The New Zealand cases were performed at Auckland City Hospital and led by Andrew Holden, director of Interventional Radiology at Auckland City Hospital and associate professor at the Auckland University School of Medicine.  

“Prior to the availability of Aorfix, patients with highly angulated aortic necks represented a significant clinical challenge given the risk of complications and poor outcomes associated with traditional z-shaped stents and open surgery,” said Holden. “As demonstrated in the cases we just completed, Aorfix has a unique, flexible design that allows it to conform well to highly angled necks and form a secure seal. Our preliminary follow-up finds the patients are recovering well and we anticipate a positive treatment outcome.”  

The cases were supported by John Hardman, consultant interventional radiologist at Royal United Hospital Bath, UK, who has extensive research and clinical experience using Aorfix. Hardman added, “I have performed over 100 cases with Aorfix in the UK, and have observed consistently strong outcomes in patients with challenging anatomies, such as the ones treated in Auckland. Aorfix is unique in its ability to be manoeuvred into tight, tortuous necks and iliacs without kinking, to provide optimal sealing and adherence.”  

Simon Hubbert, CEO of Lombard Medical said: “The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing market for EVAR, and our efforts there represent a tremendous opportunity for Aorfix to capture a larger share of the global EVAR market.”