Endocare launches right angle V-Probe variable ice cryoprobe


Based on the success of its V-Probe variable ice cryoprobe which is used for prostate cryoablation procedures, Endocare has introduced a right angle version of the product.  This modification allows the cryoprobe to be used in CT scanners and other limited access areas.

The patented sliding vacuum insulation technology allows adjustment of the length of the -40°C iceball from 1.5cm to 5cm.  Thus, the ablation zone can be altered to fit the tumour geometry. Integrated thermocouples monitor the performance of the devices during the cryoablation procedures to ensure that they function properly. 

The V-Probe devices continue to provide the characteristics of cryoablation that are found with other cryoprobes. The ablation zone is visible via CT imaging and freezing does not destroy collagen. Multiple probes can also be used simultaneously.  The shaft of each probe is 2.4mm (13 gauge) and the length is 15cm.